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About the Product

Modular is Uppercase typeface with strong character, unified, and articulate, smooth curves, all caps display with total 16 weights.

Inspired by precision of computer terminal, application, clean layout. Modular unified letterform, uppcase are excel in User Interfaces Experience, Headline, Stand alone display and short paragraph or contents. Each font in the family can stand on its own, dynamic and authoritative in their own right refer display on 11.

Modular perfect works great in any branding, logos, magazines, films projects, badges, packaging

16 Fonts Weight is

– Regular – 6 fonts

  • Modular 2
  • Modular 4
  • Modular 11
  • Modular 14
  • Modular 16

– Italics – 5 fonts

 Italic Outline – 1 fonts

  • Modular Italic Outline 11

 Hatch – 2 fonts

  • Modular Hatch 2
  • Modular Hatch 3